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Electronic Multi-Shot Probe

Electronic Multi-Shot ProbePower efficient, battery operated Probe with expanded memory capacity, used in Oilfield surveying and coring applications


  • Probe size: Fits in standard 1.400” ID pressure barrel, 35” probe length

  • Operating temperature: 0°C to 150°C

  • Shock: 1000g, 0.5 msec, half sine

  • Vibration: 30g peak, 30 to 500 Hz

  • Maximum lateral displacement error: 2.6 ft. per 1000 ft. or a conical uncertainty of ±0.15°

  • Survey resolution: 0.1°

  • Power: Powered by standard CHAMP ±21 V battery pack

  • Half the power consumption of the Tensor CHAMP/EMS Probe

  • Twice the memory of the Tensor CHAMP/EMS Probe (capable of 4095 shots)

  • 100% compatible with Tensor equipment/software

  • Windows Champ/EMS software available

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