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High Resolution Steering Tool Probe

High Resolution Steering Tool ProbeTensteer’s High Resolution Steering Tool Probe dramatically improves tracking accuracy over traditional technology.  Crossings can be tracked to depths of over 1000 feet; tracking coils can be significantly longer; and the tracking current requirement has been reduced, allowing the use of a small DC power supply rather than a welder.  Tensteer’s unmatched Inclination and Azimuth accuracy is now complemented by unmatched tracking capabilities for pinpoint borehole locating that improves operating efficiencies.


  • Probe size: 1.75" diameter x 49" long

  • Operating temperature: -20°C to 75°C

  • Pressure rating: 12,000 psi

  • Shock: 1000g, 0.5 msec, half sine

  • Vibration: 30g peak, 30 to 500 Hz

  • Maximum lateral displacement error: 2.6 ft. per 1000 ft. or a conical uncertainty of ±0.15°

  • Survey resolution: 0.02°

  • Magnetic resolution: <0.5 nT

  • Power: 36 - 42 VDC, 70 mA

  • Can track with DC power supply or welder

  • Pressure and gamma upgradable

  • Compatible with TrueGyde Software

  • Can upgrade Tensor Probes

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