Tensteer - Products and Services for Horizontal Directional Drilling and Coring Applications

Tensteer Driller's Console

  • Features a 10.4” TFT color LCD with backlight that is sunlight readable

  • Physical dimensions are 12.3" X 10.3" X 4.0"

  • Weight is less than 12 lbs

  • Operating temperature is –10° C to 70° C

  • Internally protected against shock and vibration

  • Sealed, metal construction that is resistant to dust, dirt and liquids

  • 24V DC input power provided by Tensteer Steering Tool Receiver (STR)

  • Inclination: Digital Display, ±90° range with
    0.1° resolution

  • Azimuth: Digital Display, 360° range with
    0.1° resolution

  • Tool Face: Digital Display, 360° range with
    2.0° resolution

  • Tool Face has magnetic and high side indicators

  • Values for HTOT and GTOT are displayed

  • Pipe and Annulus Pressure are capable of being displayed

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